Installing A Water Filter In A Caravan: The Ins and Outs

For those of us who love escaping to the great outdoors, but still wish to maintain our healthy water habits, installing a water filter for use in a caravan is a super easy process!

How do I install a water filter in my caravan?

It may seem like a daunting task but installing a water filter in your caravan can be done in a matter of minutes. The key is choosing a product that takes out the hard work, provides a simple installation process and outlines the instructions clearly. It also doesn’t hurt to buy through a water filtration company who have customer service reps on deck to help you out if you do get stuck.

With our Aqua Plus caravan water filters, the process is a simple as removing the filter from the packaging, finding your nearest water source, whether it be main water in a caravan park, a creek or a river, attaching the filter to the tapped water source, and voila! You’ll be drinking fresh, filtered water in the wilderness in no time.

Which water filter should I install in my caravan?

We have a range of products suited to caravans of all shapes and sizes. As our filters are suited to most, if not all caravans, it’s really up to you to choose which filter best suits your needs. We can help you out with a FREE water consultation to answer any questions you might have about our range of caravan specific products and how they can benefit you on your travels.

Now, if you’re looking for a high flow caravan filter our Twin High Flow Caravan Filter System is the perfect choice.

Our RS2000 Caravan Twin System  is a fabulous quick-change product, suited to most, if not all, caravans.

Finally, for an all-inclusive, 100% Silver Safe technology filter, you’ll be looking at our Inline Silver GAC Caravan Filter . It comes with all fittings included!

What accessories might I need to accompany my water filter?

When installing a water filter for your caravan, it’s important to think about the different types of accessories you may need.

If you decide to go with the Inline Silver GAC Caravan Filter mentioned above, you may like to purchase a set of Inline Filter Mounting Brackets to accompany it.

We also have a range of other handy accessories available including fittings, spanners, faucets and o-rings.

Simply consult our Customer Service Team and ask about the accessories you may need to include in your water filter purchase.

Do you have a water filter installed in your caravan? How easy was the installation process? Are you glad you installed your caravan-based water filter?

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