Reverse Osmosis 7 Stage Alkaline Filter System

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Reverse Osmosis 7 Stage with Alkaline is the latest innovation in home purification system. Exclusive to Aqua Plus Filtration, the high performance 7 Stage filtration system removes 99.9% of contaminants to deliver safe, chemical FREE water for drinking and cooking. No need to buy bottled water anymore, this RO system ensures you and your family with clean, safe and purified water at the turn of your tap.

  • Fits neatly under the sink
  • 7 stages of filtration for natural alkaline water
  • Quick change filter technology for easy maintainance
  • Removal of fluoride
  • High efficiency grade filters
  • Easy installation by certified plumber

It’s no wonder this reverse osmosis water filter is one of our most popular drinking water filters – RO water treatment (reverse osmosis water treatment) is the most popular water treatment technology used worldwide! The best part? This is also an alkaline water filter. Alkaline water helps your body maintain a healthy pH level by adding important minerals that are removed in the purification process, back into your tap water. With this home water filter fluoride in your water will also be a problem of the past.

The drinking water filters in this 7-stage system all work together to provide you with pure, clean, fresh, natural alkali / RO water with a high-quality fluoride treatment.

Seven Stage filtration process includes:

Stage 1 – Sediment Filter

  • – Removal of dirt, rust and sand particles
  • – Protection from bacteria

Stage 2 + 3 – Carbon Filter

  • – Eliminates 99.9% of chlorine and other organic chemicals
  • – Removes bad tastes and odours

Stage 4 – RO Membrane:

  • – Removes fluoride, chemicals, total dissolved solids (TDS), heavy metals, bacteria and viruses
  • – Utilise nano-filtration technology (.0001 micron) to expertly filter

Stage 5 – Mineral Filter

  • – Adds important minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium back to tap water

Stage 6 – Alkaline Filter

  • – Increases water pH level to 8.00 – 9.50
  • – Provides natural alkaline water
  • – Helps body maintain healthy pH level

Stage 7 – Infrared Filter

  • – Activates water molecules
  • – Improves oxygen levels
  • – Improves blood circulation

This system fits neatly under your kitchen sink, making it one of the most convenient and easily installed under sink filters Australia has available.

After the initial installation, maintenance can be carried out easily without any special tools. Untwist the old filters to remove them from their brackets, then simply use a “twist and click” motion to put the new water filters in.

Complement your NEW RO system with the addition of stand-alone 3-Way Kitchen Mixers available in matte black and brushed nickel.

*Initial installation is recommended by a certified plumber.

*To ensure optimum filter performance, we recommend filters are replaced every 10 – 12 months and RO Membrane every 2 – 3 years.

We provide FREE SHIPPING to Australian addresses on orders over $55 (AUD). All Aqua Plus Filtration products come with a 12-month warranty so you don’t just get water filters, you get peace of mind as well. That’s the Aqua Plus guarantee!




    System – 29cm (L) x 42.5cm (H) x 21cm (W)
    Tank – 28cm (L) x 35cm (H) x 28cm (W)

    Water Filter Cartridges

    Sediment + GAC Carbon Filter + RO Membrane + Mineral Filter + Alkaline Filter + Infared Filter

    Micron Rating

    0.0001 uM

    Water Type

    Tank, Town, River, Creek, Bore


    Unpleasant Taste
    Giardia & Cryptosporidium

    Cartridge Replacement Period

    Filters 1 – 6 (every 10-12 months)
    RO Membrane (2 – 3 years)


    NSF, WQA, Australian Standard, WaterMark


    We have now partnered with Brighte Finance with the aim to help more Australians enjoy clean water using our state of the art filtration systems.

    Click here to find out more and apply in seconds.

    • 1 x RO 7 Stage Filter System (incl. 6 filters + RO Membrane)
    • 1 x 11L Water Tank
    • 1 x Deluxe Faucet
    • 1 x Assembled mounting stand
    • 1 x Plumbing Kit
    • 1 x Instruction manual

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