3 Stage 10" Big Blue Whole House System

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3 Stage 10" Whole House System is the perfect way to protect your family against chemicals contaminated in drinking water. Ensure your family has clean, safe and healthy water when it comes to drinking, showering and bathing. This heavy duty compact system is designed for Tank/Town and Bore water conditions.

  • Sediment, Water Softener and KDF Heavy Metal filters
  • High flow system - no power required
  • Suitable for up to 9 members
  • High efficiency grade filters
  • Ideal for tank, town, river, bore, creek
  • Easy installation by plumber or handyman

This water filtration system for the whole house has been specially made to ensure the entire family has access to pure, clean, healthy water for all their drinking, bathing, showering and washing needs.

It is suitable for up to 9 family members and its heavy-duty water filters can easily transform tank, town, river, bore or creek water into a safe, drinkable form.

Attach it to your water mains supply and taste the difference these reliable, highly effective drinking water filters make to your tap water. You’ll notice that your water tastes and smells better and contains less chemicals, sediment, chlorine and other harmful particles.

Extra benefits of this whole house filtration system include:

  • Calcium removal
  • Scale and hard water removal
  • Increased life span of appliances
  • Healthier water for skin, hair and teeth
  • KDF heavy metal carbon filter
  • Resin filter
  • Long life filter cartridges

This truly is one of the best water filters for house and home. It offers low pressure and flow drops which help avoid issues when multiple taps are used simultaneously throughout the day. When it comes to replacing the filters, it’s as simple as “unscrew and replace”.

Specifications 3 Stage Whole House
Max Flow Rate 23 LPM
Minimum Working Pressure 29 PSI (2 Bar)
Maximum Working Pressure 87 PSI (6 Bar)
Operating Temperatures 4 – 55 ℃

*Initial installation is recommended by a certified plumber.

We provide FREE SHIPPING to Australian addresses on orders over $55 (AUD). All Aqua Plus Filtration products come with a 12-month warranty so you don’t just get water filters, you get peace of mind as well. That’s the Aqua Plus guarantee!


    3 Stage Whole House


    (W) 600mm x (D) 250mm x (H) 500mm

    Cartridge Size

    10" x 4.5

    Micron Rating

    10 uM Sediment + Resin + KDF Heavy Metal

    Water Type

    Tank, Town, River, Creek, Bore


    Unpleasant Taste
    Heavy Metals

    Cartridge Replacement Period

    Sediment Filter 6 – 8 months
    Resin Filter 10 -12 months
    KDF Heavy Metal 10 -12 months


    NSF, WQA, Australian Standard, WaterMark


    We have now partnered with Brighte Finance with the aim to help more Australians enjoy clean water using our state of the art filtration systems.

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      • 3 x Big Blue Housings UV Protected
      • 1 x White Powered Coated Bracket
      • 3 x Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges
      • 1 x Stage 1 filter – Sediment Filter
      • 1 x Stage 2 filter – Resin Filter
      • 1 x Stage 3 filter – KDF Heavy Metal Filter
      • 1 x Protective Cover
      • 1 x Assembled mounting stand
      • 1 x Spanner Wrench
      • 1 x Instruction manual

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