1 Micron Coconut Carbon Filter Block

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The carbon block cartridge is the most powerful and finest filtration. The filter cartridge features granulated activated carbon media. The filter eliminates chlorine, taste, odor, smell and other particles from the water.

  • Superior Coconut Carbon Filter block
  • 1 micron
  • High efficiency grade filter
  • Ideal for tank/town water

The premium cartridge has the ability to filter water down to 1 micron. That’s right 1 micron, smaller the micron better the water quality!

Great for Happy Travellers with different water qualities in caravan, camper vans, motor homes…. where water cannot be controlled.

The Carbon with silver filter eliminates all the smell, taste, chlorine, giardia and cryptosporidium. The silver impregnation includes added benefit for bacteria protection with carbon and nano silver in the filtration process.

Fits all standard 10″ filter housing with easy installation/replacement.


    Coconut Carbon



    Cartridge Size

    10" x 2.5

    Micron Rating

    1 uM

    Water Type

    Tank, Town


    Unpleasant Taste


    NSF, WQA



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