Quick Change Drinking Filter System – RS2000


Provides pure, great tasting water by removing contaminants and impurities that may be present: chlorine, harmful chemicals, taste, odour and sediment particles. The RS2000 is one of the most popular water filtration systems due to its low cost maintainance and efficiency. Easily fits under your existing kitchen bench. Includes everything needed for easy installation.

  • Turns your tap water into pure, safe and healthy drinking water
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Sediment + Carbon filtration
  • Sanitary Safe
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(L) 17cm x (H) 33cm x (W) 9cm

Cartridge Size

Quick Change

Water Filter Cartridges

Sediment + Carbon

Micron Rating

1 uM, 5 uM

Water Type

Tank, Town


✔ Sediment
✔ Sand
✔ Dirt
✔ Rust
✔ Chlorine
✔ Unpleasant Taste
✔ Odour
✔ Cysts
✔ Pesticides
✔ Giardia & Cryptosporidium

Cartridge Replacement Period

Carbon 10 – 12 months, Sediment 6 – 8 months




This 2-stage drinking filter system is one of the best drinking water filters for house and office spaces. It’s one of the easiest ways to make the water you’re drinking cleaner, purer and tastier.

The RS2000 is one of the most efficient under sink filters Australia has to offer. It is highly effective and easy to maintain. The kit includes everything you need for a simple installation. There’s no need to call in a plumber to change the filters when they need changing – you can do it yourself! Simply untwist the old filters and screw in the new ones.

There’s no need to make changes to your kitchen, this slimline system will fit conveniently under your current bench top space.

The two drinking water filters in this system work together to remove harmful contaminants such as the ones listed below. Your family will be protected from harmful particles, microorganisms and chemicals that may cause illness.

5-micron Sediment Filter targets:

  • – Rust
  • – Sand
  • – Silt
  • – Bad Tastes
  • – Bad Odours
  • – Other particles


GAC Carbon Filter targets:

  • – Microorganisms that cause parasitic illness
  • – Chlorine
  • – Other harmful chemicals


*Filters cartridges are recommended to be changed as suggested on product labels. We recommend replacing as indicated to ensure optimum performance is maintained.

We provide FREE SHIPPING to Australian addresses on orders over $55 (AUD). All Aqua Plus Filtration products come with a 12-month warranty so you don’t just get water filters, you get peace of mind as well. That’s the Aqua Plus guarantee!

What's Included

  • 2 x Quick Change Filter Housing
  • 1 x White mounting bracket
  • 1 x Stage 1 filter – Sediment
  • 1 x Stage 2 filter – Carbon
  • 1 x Designer Faucet
  • 1 x Plumbing Kit
  • 1 x Installation Manual