Counter Top Water Filter

When you need a glass of refreshing and clean fresh water, look no further than on your kitchen countertop. Our bench top filter systems are designed for Australian families who want to enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle.
Attached directly to your tap, it’s never been easier to get access to delicious, clean water – whenever you need it. Simply connect your countertop water filter to any kitchen sink or mixer tap and you’ll never look back.

State-of-the-art counter top water filters for Australian families
Taking up minimal space under the sink and requiring minimal plumbing connections to operate, our countertop water filters deliver quality water to you, anytime. Not only are they an economical solution but our Countertop Reverse Osmosis 4 Stage filter system works by eliminating sediment, chlorine, fluoride and lead, leaving you with a pleasant taste. You’ll be enjoying fresh water in no time, and you’ll never need to buy bottled water again.

The Aqua Plus Filtration difference
With over 50 products to choose from, including countertop home water filters and reverse osmosis filters, we are fast being recognised as one of the leading distributors of high quality and efficient water filtration solutions.
We have 30 years of experience in the industry, catering to domestic, caravan, rural and commercial applications. Coupled with our exceptional after-sales support and fast delivery across Australia, you can count on us to deliver a product that will no doubt exceed your expectations.

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